Driving Jobs

With thousands of driving vacancies across the UK, going into a career where you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a vehicle can be a dream job for some. Not simply confined to a small office space, drivers get to meet new people and have a range of duties.

Here are some of the types of driver jobs there are in the UK:
HGV Driver – With a Heavy Goods Vehicle driving license, a HGV driver is predominantly responsible for safely delivering goods to customers. Customer interaction skills are important as well as great driving skills and this is a job where you could be driving short or long distances – it varies!

Driving Instructor – With more than 3 years experience, anyone with a clean driving license can learn to become a driving teacher. A job which passes on the knowledge of how a car works, how to read the road and become a better driver, this is a very responsible job ideal for patient people who are good at demonstrating and explaining clearly.
Courier – A very varies job, a courier can be responsible for transporting all types of items to customers anywhere in the UK – and even further afield! Your time keeping skills need to be impeccable, you need to be able to work independently and be a safe and reliable driver. Delivery may sometimes include specialist items such as medication too which need to be delivered according to customer instructions.

Taxi Driver – Taking people wherever they need to go! Usually working on shifts, you may do long haul journeys, airport transfers or simply pick people up from supermarkets with their shopping – whatever the reason, you can meet a lot of interesting people as a cab driver!

Bus Driver – Whether you are driving a tram, train or bus, you are handling a much larger vehicle than you are used to. Training needs to be taken to drive each different vehicle. They are very responsible jobs and can even pay pretty well!

Chauffeur – Duties can vary from role to role, but a chauffeur’s primary role is to drive their employer from place to place. People with status and who are well off – generally celebrities or royalty are more likely to have a chauffeur, making this a responsible job. This type of work can be £200 to £2000 per day.
Supermarket Delivery Driver – With the up rise in popularity of online shopping, the demand for supermarket delivery drivers is increasing. Your main duty is to ensure all shopping items are delivered to the customer, and in some situation you may have to select them yourself too.

Overall, there are a range of driving jobs in the UK which might suit you, so if you love driving and want to try something new then there is bound to be something to suit you. Each job has its own responsibilities and additional duties so just choose something you think you would enjoy!