Office Jobs

Wherever there is an office, there are many workers performing many roles and a variety of tasks. Each business usually has an administrative team behind it to run the paper work side of things, and each role will vary from company to company and will greatly depend on the type of business the office is supporting.
Here are some of the most common office jobs that can be found in the UK:

Receptionist – A receptionist is the first person that customers, clients and colleagues contact – they are the face of the company so appearance and communication skills are a vital part of this role. Responding to emails, answering enquiries, performing supportive admin duties and data entry work might be added to the role depending on the company.

Customer Service Representative – Customer service reps are mainly responsible for handling queries. Whilst spending a lot of the time helping customers with problems, a customer service role also may include selling products, admin tasks plus other duties according to the industry in which they work.

Office Manager – A job with many responsibilities, an office manager needs to be organised and good with people. Organising meetings, assigning duties to staff, holding staff appraisals and managing records etc are just a few of the duties expected of you in this type of managerial role.

Data Entry – Accuracy and speed are the two main specifications that a data entry clerk job requires. Usually in charge of updating databases or spreadsheets, this is an admin support job which allows managers and other admin staff to do other tasks whilst a data inputter ensures the upkeep of a company’s numerical records.

Administrator – Depending on the industry and the company in which they work, an administrator’s job can vary from having just a few duties to having a great many. These may include writing and typing correspondence, taking minutes, organising meetings, updating records, ordering office equipment, preparing documents and much more.

Switchboard Operator – General clerical duties are a small part of the switchboard operator’s job, but their main duty is to take calls and forward them to the right people. This will also include helping with enquiries – sometimes emergencies – from anyone who does call the company and also help with technical support with the equipment used as well.

In general, office jobs usually depend on the type of industry in which they are placed. Number and type of responsibilities will also vary from role to role and jobs can be temporary, permanent, part or full time. This can mean that contracts in offices also vary – some jobs operating on an ad hoc or contractual basis.
Every industry has a variety of roles needed to help with the smooth running of each company, no matter whether they do they admin side of material distribution, retail, agriculture, food, construction, tourism or entertainment. The office staff are the people behind the scenes – the constantly turning gears in a clock – that make the company run smoothly.