Security Jobs

There are a great many security jobs in the UK, and across the world. Wherever there are crowds or any question of safety, security is always hired to control a situation to keep it safe. Security jobs can be found in a variety of industries, so the jobs are never dull. However, security jobs and their role responsibilities will also vary from industry to industry and role to role.

Door Supervisor
More commonly known as bouncers or doormen, these licensed individuals can be found at the doors of licensed premises such as pubs, bars and clubs. Their primary duty is crowd and entry management.
They are responsible for ensuring the safety of customers, and making sure people both inside and outsides venues are safe. Bouncers will also occasionally be involved in assisting the police if there is trouble or may do random drug searches in venue toilets, and making sure all occupants of a venue are old enough to be there!

Event Steward
PR events, music concerts, festivals, sporting events and many other things are just some of the places where event security might be used. A steward is less of a ‘hands on’ job than other roles at an event – for example the response team who are mobile and go wherever they are needed.
Stewards are there to assist the public and be the helpful face of an event – giving directions, ensuring public safety and answering any questions customers may have.

Found in many industries, surveillance operators are responsible for monitoring CCTV cameras and keeping track of activity within a building or outside space. This is to prevent criminal activity occurring, and if anything were to happen, the surveillance operator would be responsible for alerting the emergency services and assisting with showing evidence of criminals (or anyone else) or camera.
Not just in charge of reporting crimes, operators will often have the duty of keeping equipment working and up to date, and will also keep records of the comings and goings of a business so that reports are available to management should they want to know if certain individuals are in a certain place at any one time.

Other Security Jobs:
TV and Film
Retail Security
Car Park

Security work might also involve installing security equipment such as CCTVs. Although surveillance operators are generally in charge of keeping their equipment in working order, maintenance work for security cameras are also in this very important field of work. Installing secure locks, doors or safes for business and domestic properties too are all considered as very important security roles.

Some roles require very little training, and some require a variety of qualifications in order for you to be able to do the work well. An event steward usually needs an NCFE Level 2 in Event Security, whereas a doorman will always need an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence to be able to do a job legally.