Jobs and Vacancies

Although the UK’s Jobseeker’s Allowance System gets a lot of stick in the UK for giving money to people who don’t really deserve it, it is a great British job resource. For those genuinely seeking work and having trouble making ends meat, the government provide funding and a great deal of support to help you get back into employment.

Job centres a great variety of jobs to suit practically anyone such as:
Admin jobs
Bar jobs
Carer jobs
Dental Assistant jobs
Door Supervisor jobs
Receptionist jobs
Sales Assistant jobs
Joiner jobs
Nurse jobs
Plus many more.
How Do Job Centres Work?

There are 2 ways you can use job centres:
1) Online
2) In person

If you want to search for jobs yourself without any additional support, the internet is a great resource. Not only does Direct Gov offer a great job searching facility online which is easy to use and regularly updated, many other sites also offer job searching.
Using a large, detailed database of all vacancies that are currently available online, you can search according to location, job title, rate of pay, hours per week etc.

In Person
This is slightly more time consuming, but using a face-to-face method with the job centre could be a more reliable way of getting a job. You can sign up online with the job centre and then go in for an interview, and then a weekly appointment will be arranged from then onwards to check on your progress and offer possible job opportunities.
Job centres often hold seminars or presentations to give users an extra boost in their hunt for employment whilst also helping with improving your CV. A job centre will ask you about the kind of work you are willing to do or how far you are willing to travel to get to your new job.

You will also have to answer questions about your skills and qualifications at the job centre – not just to give the staff as much information about you as possible, but also to help them match jobs to your skill set and ideal type of profession.

Jobs Which are Hard to Find
Some fields are very difficult to find work in, and many job centres might not offer certain jobs in your field. For example, the arts is a very difficult profession to get into, and more specific arts jobs sites are better for finding something more relevant to your interests or qualifications. The same applies to various labour jobs, political work, more executive roles or senior medical positions.

Why Use a Job Centre?
Job centres offer financial support whilst giving you active assistance in finding a job. If you feel like you don’t need the finance to help you or you have enough to keep afloat, you might like to alternatively sign up to a few job agencies.